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Bold Text: Welcome to Morgan Dynamic Research

[Image 1 – Header Image]

Description of Image 1: Words MORGAN DYNAMIC RESEARCH, Advancing The Scientific Frontiers of Tomorrow. Detail: Word MORGAN positioned above words DYNAMIC RESEARCH, all in light blue outlined with dark blue.  Words DYNAMIC RESEARCH positioned above slogan Advancing The Scientific Frontiers of Tomorrow, which is in forest green outlined in dark green. Behind the word MORGAN a white arc evocative of an orbiting celestial body proceeds the the M to the letter N, where the arc is thick as if near, and the letter N sits upon the leading edge of the arc. The words DYNAMIC RESEARCH appear to be passing through a left canted thin white loop centered between words DYNAMIC and RESEARCH.

Section Title: Company Profile
Morgan Dynamic Research is a private American research and development company founded by James P. Morgan in 20 14.  Research and development are conducted by the principles of interdisciplinary science using in-house staff and manufacturing.

Section Title: Our Mission
To advance scientific understanding and offer new technologies for the betterment of the human condition.

Quote: “Almost anything can be achieved with a willingness to question what we know and seek that which we do not while embracing an open mind and can-do attitude.”

Quote Attribution: James P. Morgan

Section Title: Leadership 

[Image 2 – Head shot of James P. Morgan]

Image Caption: James P. Morgan – Owner, Director of Research and Development

Description of Image 2: Picture of James P. Morgan – Caucasian Male, Thirties, Clean Shaven, Black Suit, Glasses, and Classic Fedora, looking upward and to the left of the image frame slightly smiling. Detail: Backdrop of sunny green landscape with trees river and sky.

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[Image 3 – Head shot of Mark Morgan]

Image Caption: Mark Morgan – President, Senior Researcher, Lead Engineer

Description of Image 3: Picture of Mark Morgan – Caucasian Male, Fifties, Clean Shaven, Black Suit, Glasses, looking to the left of the image frame smiling. Detail: Backdrop of Lush Green Trees in shade and sun.

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Section Title: Featured Products

[Image 1 – Palm Writer Logo]

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