Morgan Dynamic Research

NASA – Dawn Mission To Ceres

Morgan Dynamic Research is following the progress of NASA’s Dawn mission to Ceres.

Here we will post our enhanced versions of NASA images.

Original images by: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA

Image enhancement by Morgan Dynamic Research.


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The Spot



Capture Altitude: (Left) 2700 miles – (Right) Unspecified – Estimated 868 miles

Resolution: (Left) 1400 feet / pixel – (Right) 450 feet / pixel

Crater Size: 57.5 miles x 60.5 miles

Primary Central Region: 8.5 miles x 9.6 miles

Secondary Region (High density area to right of primary): 7.7 miles x 5.3 miles

Tertiary Spots: Range from 1.1 miles x 1.3 miles to 1.6 miles x 2.4 miles

Analysis: Primary central region of high albedo is most likely water-ice displaced from a sub-surface ocean by an impact from an iron-core asteroid.  Secondary and tertiary regions are likely collections of ejecta from the primary region.  Note the “mound” of the primary region and the lack of impact basins around the secondary and tertiary regions.

Updated: 9/16/2015