Morgan Dynamic Research


Physics Department

The Morgan Dynamic Research physics department works closely with our theoretical analysis department to enhance our understanding of the true nature and structure of the universe.

We are conducting research to advance understanding of many common and uncommon fields.

“The modern scientific community, in all its glory, has in many ways departed from the path of pure science.  I believe that political interest and administrative suppression of disparate concepts, has stifled a great deal of discovery and potential advancements.  They, too easily, have asserted the partially understood as law, while they dismiss divergent ideas as irrelevant.  We forge our own path, even when we tread beside well paved roads.  Our way, considers no theory as law until all points are accounted for.  Even then, we remain ready to question what we have found in the light of future findings.  This is how pure science should be conducted.”

– James P. Morgan


Current Research

  • Space propulsion technology
  • Radiation protection technology
  • Advancement of a unified model of physics
  • System for the prediction of earthquakes and geological events


Research Groups