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The more heavily we depend on technology, the more vulnerable we become

To answer this challenge, Morgan Dynamic Research has developed several technologies including the future of prearranged channel encryption: The High Encryption Standard.

The High Encryption Standard is digital data security model based on a series of protocols and patented cryptographic technologies.  With this standard, encrypted data transmitted, or stored, will never again be breached by an external attacker.  Infinite computational power is, and will remain, insufficient to “crack” or otherwise retrieve data encrypted with our system.  The only possible means to attack the security of an H.E.S. platform is an endpoint breach, and we have cutting-edge protocols and technology in place to resist even that.   The H.E.S. model can be applied to synchronous or asynchronous digital data transmission and storage.

Every new encryption standard is simply increasing the amount of computational power required to defeat it.  This means that data you secure today with AES or RSA will be at the mercy of future computers.  By the time computational power catches up to your encrypted data, can you be certain that it is no longer sensitive?  The High Encryption Standard represents the future and pinnacle of prearranged channel encryption.

“Aside from reverse engineering a unique channel terminal, data secured with High Encryption Standard technology will remain secure forever.”

– James P. Morgan


Some potential applications include:

  • Secure data storage
  • Secure command, control, communications, and telemetry systems
  • Secure voice, chat, and file transfer software
  • New wireless security standards

We also are developing some very specialized security software based on the H.E.S.  for specific markets.

“The world has embraced the idea of versatility over security, but there are those who would prefer not be at the mercy of the cyber criminal.  We will offer solutions that address much of this problem.” – James P. Morgan


The primary patent behind H.E.S. technology is owned by Morgan Dynamic Research and is available for license.

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Current Projects

  • H.E.S. Compliant Network Infrastructure Hardware [Status: Research and Development]