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Theoretical Analysis

Theoretical Analysis Department


Theoretical Analysis Department Logo - An orange ray shoots up and to the right of frame through a white ring arranged perpendicular to the vector of the ray approaching the forward end of the ray. A faint light blue arc seems to be bending away and over the white ring like a shock-wave bending outward as the ray pushing past it. This is evocative of pushing through all boundaries onward to the stars

“Here, the unfettered mind may roam freely in the landscape of the unknown. Hard science and dreamers unite to devise ways to know the unknowable, to see the unseeable, and to comprehend the incomprehensible.  This is where much of our research is given direction, and where our most advanced conceptual models are developed.”

“For us, it is not enough to know we are right because it has been said by others.   We seek to comprehend the manner of how all things function for ourselves, from the great to the small.  With open minds and deep understanding of each field, new frontiers present themselves, opening doors to undiscovered horizons for future research.  Every study we undertake is approached from a vast array of perspectives and disciplines to further a dynamic understanding of the possibilities it may offer.  Resultant valuable and beneficial findings will be developed for betterment of the human condition.”

– James P. Morgan


Here, researchers from all fields conduct dynamic thought experiments based on extrapolation, and guided by scientific method. We explore all possible answers to the question what if?  Our researchers bring forward polished conceptual models for future hard research and development.  We believe in the idea of the multi-disciplinary scientist and enjoy working toward that goal.


Current Research

  • Advanced data transmission
  • Space energy production methods
  • Space propulsion methods
  • Asteroid defense methods
  • Asteroid mining options
  • Potential base locations on moons and planets
  • Likely effects of achieving, or surpassing, c (The currently accepted speed of light in a vacuum)
  • Assessment of likely characteristics of potential extraterrestrial life