Morgan Dynamic Research


Company Profile

Morgan Dynamic Research is a private American research and development company founded by James P. Morgan in 2014.  Research and development are conducted by the principles of interdisciplinary science using in-house staff and manufacturing.


Our Mission

To advance scientific understanding and offer new technologies for the betterment of the human condition. 

“Almost anything can be achieved with a willingness to question what we know and seek that which we do not while embracing an open mind and can-do attitude.”

– James P. Morgan


Picture of James P. Morgan - Caucasian Male, Thirties, Clean Shaven, Black Suit, Glasses, and Classic Fedora, Backdrop of sunny green landscape with trees river and sky.

James P. Morgan – Owner, Director of Research and Development

James Morgan Short Bio


Picture of Mark Morgan - Caucasian Male, Fifties, Clean Shaven, Black Suit, Glasses, Backdrop of Lush Green Trees in shade and sun.

Mark Morgan – President, Senior Researcher, Lead Engineer

Mark Morgan Short Bio