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James P. Morgan Short Biography


Picture of James P. Morgan - Caucasian Male, Thirties, Clean Shaven, Black Suit, Glasses, and Classic Fedora, Backdrop of sunny green landscape with trees river and sky.

James P. Morgan is an inventor, theoretical physicist, interdisciplinary scientist, software engineer, systems designer, robotics engineer, cryptographer, and cognitive scientist. He has been actively pursuing a greater understanding of the nature of the universe since 2000. From 2002 on he has trained himself in the field of physics and related sciences. In 2007 he graduated from Granite State College with Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science, Summa Cum Laude. Deciding not to pursue a higher degree, he began the process of becoming an entrepreneur. In 2009 he invented the High Encryption Standard (H.E.S.), an unbreakable form of encryption technology.

After becoming frustrated with the limitations of the standard model of physics he began to design a new standard he named the Unified Theory of Physics. Since 2011, he has developed various robotic technologies including the Link Stacking Actuator, an artificial organically styled muscle technology. In 2013 he was issued his first patent U.S. 8,458,452 for the H.E.S. In 2014, James P. Morgan founded Morgan Dynamic Research and commenced research and development of many new fields of technology. In 2016, he invented Palm Writer, an environmental navigation aid for the blind. After two years developing many other technologies, applying for several patents, and beta testing with the blind, Palm Writer is ready for market.

He is currently working on growing Palm Writer into the future, completing a robotic arm to demonstrate the benefits of Link Stacking Actuator, and completing documentation of his Unified Theory of Physics. The first public demonstration of the applied principles of Unified Theory will be the upcoming release of Project Homeworld. His future plans include the development of advanced propulsion, energy storage, transmission, and generation technologies.

When not continually working, James enjoys a wide range of activates including gaming and conversation with friends, listening to music that moves him, walking to take it all in, playing with dogs, hiking through beauty, driving scenic roads, writing and  playing music on the piano, watching something fun with family, enjoying good food, and spending time with good people.  He greatly values honesty in others, pursues always wisdom over knowledge, and seeks the truth over all else. ∴